This Month's Template Targets

Computer Repair Service

This month's ADIMATES Video Template targets a category everyone working in digital marketing eventually needs: Computer Repair Service. Due to a large number of requests from subscribers, this video template is short, simple, and sure to grab attention. Featuring an off-the-wall opening and a clever, unexpected ending, our template was written and produced to drive home one simple point — If you're having any type of computer problem, THIS is who can fix it. Your Computer Repair customers are gonna love it, and so will their customers!

Last Month's Template Targets

Financial Debt Consolidation

Last month's ADIMATES Video Template targets the problem of compounding debt, as bills pile up and mortgage payments fall behind. It happens to a lot of people everyday - sometimes leading to the point where they owe more than their property is worth. The common term for this situation is "Underwater On Your Loan" — which is also the theme of this month's template. It's captivating, clever, and visually drives home the point how becoming underwater on your loan can be resolved through debt consolidation, or refinancing. This simple video template will not only attract consumers' attention, it will also attract more clients for you! 

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Meet The Creator Of ADIMATES

Ben Crain

He cut his teeth as an advertising copywriter developing radio, television and print advertising for regional and national clients ranging from McDonald’s to Monsanto.

He soon grew leaps and bounds, becoming an ad agency partner and creative director overseeing projects for Anheuser-Busch, Campbell's Soups, Harley-Davidson and Hardee's, as well promotions for Corona Extra, Robert Mondavi Wines, Margaritaville Cocktails, Mike's Hard Lemonade and Johnsonville Pork Sausage. 

Now as a creative consultant, Ben Crain and his geniusteam of specialized graphics designers, illustrators, editors and programmers are proud to introduce ADIMATES Video Templates. Combining multiple styles of animation, whimsical graphics, and original video,  ADIMATES were specifically developed to grab attention and get results covering a wide range of niches.

After years  of producing high level creative projects for major corporations, Ben is delighted to offer up his skills and expertise to those wanting to provide superior video products for their clients, but at an affordable price.

And ADIMATES Video Templates fit the bill perfectly!

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