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ADIMATES Video Template Targeting A Popular Niche


With So Many Types Of  Profitable Niches To Target, You'll Need More Video Templates To Offer Them!

That's right! The 12 ADIMATES Video Templates you've already purchased can help bring in new customers to your online business. But as your business grows, you'll soon realize that there are a lot more niches to target than the 12 you already have.

As an ADIMATES ELITE VIP Member, you'll continually have new businesses to contact month-after-month when you receive the latest ADIMATES Video Template, targeting a new popular niche. And just like our original ADIMATES, each video template is professionally scripted, voiced and produced in both wide and square formats to assure you have the highest quality video content to offer potential customers. Plus each ADIMATE template includes a non-voiced version, the original music, along with the script to allow you to customize the voice-over. 

Looking for a specific niche you'd like to go after? Just drop us a note at our help desk and we'll try to put it on our list for an upcoming video template of the month.

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Ask a question. Share an experience. Or, simply swap ideas.

When you become a VIP member of ADIMATES ELITE, you not only gain access to more video templates, you become part of an elite group of fellow online entrepreneurs focused on growing their digital businesses and far surpassing the goals of average digital marketers. 

If you've come to a roadblock in your new business prospecting, if you've got a question about how much clients are willing to pay in certain industries, or if you just want to discover how fellow members got into digital marketing in the first place, the ADIMATES ELITE Facebook Group is your exclusive resource for online enlightenment!

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A Big Idea!

Need Help Overcoming Mental Blocks?

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We've all been there.

You know...trying to come up with that BIG Idea.

Or finding the right words for that important piece of copy.

But instead, you stare at nothing...


...a stark, blank page.

That's when you could use a little nudge. A push. Or simply just an Idea Spark Plug!

Over the years, in the advertising industry, there were many, many times my creative staff and I were cursed with an unfortunate  case of brain blockage. It seemed the ol' idea well had completely gone dry!

So I created "21 Idea Spark Plugs" — a secret remedy, especially for those times when I wanted to get everyone's creative juices flowing again. And now I want to share it with you!

This must-have reference guide is packed with provocative thought starters, original mental exercises, and quirky little mind games guaranteed to break the dam blocking fresh ideas, while eliminating that damn"mental constipation" causing the blockage!

As an ADIMATE ELITE VIP Member, you'll receive a FREE eBook copy of 21 Idea Spark Plugs to use whenever you feel the need to jar your thinking, or when you're simply stuck staring at a blank page!

If That's Not Enough, We're Also Tossing In 3 Special Bonuses Exclusively For ADIMATES ELITE VIP Members!


7 Figure Mastery

Volume Three

From Newbie, to Advanced, to Guru, the 7 Figure Mastery 3-Volume series will guide you every step of the way, helping you achieve your ultimate financial goals.

Volume Three contains more than one hour of high quality, and highly informative videos covering all the ins and outs of structuring a financially sound and successful online business. As a helpful resource, the video series also includes a Step-By-Step Reference Guide covering all of the topics in the videos including:

Facebook Ads The Fundamentals
Warriors Special Offers
Search Engine Optimization
Plus much more!

Total Value:  $147

Accelerated Online Businesses

Part 3

"Master Class"

Fine tune your online business with the third and final part of this step-by-step video series designed to teach you advanced skills and help you maximize your success in the digital marketing industry.

The third in a 3-part Accelerated Online Businesses series, Volume Three: "Master Class" covers advanced strategies used by successful marketers to help you maximize your online business.

Each video module features the narrator giving you an over-the-shoulder view, as he demonstrates various Master Class level online business platforms such as:

Using A Website To Build Your List
Outsourcing On Fiverr And Other Sites
An Easy Website Alternative
Collecting Names & Addresses On Your Site
Plus Much More!

Total Value:  $127



Modern Video Marketing

The Ultimate Video Marketer's Guide!

With the demand for video marketing on the increase,  Modern Video Marketing will give you the competitive advantage by showing you how to cash in on this growing trend.

This 70-page highly informative eBook shares the ins and outs of successful online marketing. Modern Video Marketing is absolutely the ultimate guide for those wanting to rapidly grow their business in the video marketing industry.

Within the pages of this comprehensive eBook you'll discover:

The Golden Rule You MUST Adopt To Be Highly Successful In Video Marketing
The Video Creation Technique Most People Use Incorrectly, And How To Correctly Make It Work
The Biggest Video Marketing Mistake Most People Make And How To Avoid It
Essential Steps You Need To Create Better Videos
The Best Types Of Videos Successful Online Marketers Use To Achieve The Biggest Impact
And Much More!

Total Value:  $85

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A New Professionally Designed And Produced ADIMATES Video Template Every Month, Creatively Targeting A Different Popular Niche
VALUE $675 Per Template
Exclusive VIP Membership In The ADIMATES ELITE Facebook Group To Network And Share Ideas With Fellow ELITE Members
Special Online Marketing Training Through Periodic Workshop Webinars, As Well As The ADIMATES ELITE Newsletter
Ben's  "21 Sure-Fire Idea Spark Plugs" eBook Offering You Rapid Relief Whenever You're Stuck With A Nasty Mental Block!
PLUS 3 Valuable Bonuses To Help You Advance Your Online Video Business
•  7 Figure Mastery (Volume 3)
•  Accelerated Online Businesses (Part 3)
•  Modern Video Marketing
VALUE $359

TOTAL VALUE $1,071 (minimum)




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