21 Simple Methods For Overcoming


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We've all been there.

You know...trying to come up with that BIG Idea.

Or finding just the right words for that important piece of copy.

But nothing...except...

...a stark...empty...dreadful...blank page...

That's when you could really use a little nudge. A push. Or simply just...

An Idea Spark Plug!

During my many years in the advertising industry, there were numerous times my creative staff and I were cursed with an unfortunate  case of brain blockage. It just seemed the ol' Idea Well had completely gone dry!

So I created "21 Idea Spark Plugs" — a secret remedy, especially for those times when I wanted to get everyone's creative juices flowing again. And now I want to share it with you!

This must-have reference guide is packed with 21 provocative thought starters, original mental exercises, and quirky little mind games guaranteed to break the dam that's blocking fresh ideas, while eliminating that damn "mental constipation" that's actually causing the blockage!

Hello! My name is Ben Crain, and I've been in the marketing business for over 20 years running a Midwest ad agency and servicing numerous national and international clients. Over the years I've overseen million-dollar campaigns, produced hundreds of TV, radio, and digital media ads, and made a lot of clients a LOT of money! And during those years I led many a creative brainstorming session that always began with a fun, Creative Spark exercise to get those mental juices flowing.

And now I'd like to share 21 of them with you!


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Get 21 Sure-Fire Idea Spark Plugs
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